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‘Everyone’ knows that the magic key to all the good things in life – happiness, true love and prosperity – is – also magically – achieved when you have all those important ‘self’ characteristics, like self-esteem, self-value and self-worth. And lots of those ‘everyone’s will tell you what is right for you so that you can find the rainbow, or the end of the rainbow, or at least be able to see the rainbow.

There are a million or so voices promoting the right foods, the right thinking, the right sleeping patterns, the right exercise – you name it, someone will tell you how to do it right. A lot of those messages make a lot of sense, because eating healthy food and all that good stuff has to contribute to feeling good, right?

In the morass of information and advice, somehow you have to determine whether it’s better to eat nine raw almonds a day or do yoga at sunrise or… or… or… And don’t forget you also have laundry to do, kids to taxi and isn’t someone’s birthday this week? And you should probably call so-and-so… Oh, and if you meditate you’re going to quiet your mind of all that chatter, so you’d better make time for that, too.

How to avoid feeling overwhelmed

In a time when brilliant wisdom and inspiring video are a mouse-click away, the only true requirement for all those positive ‘self-‘ states is easily overwhelmed. The fact is, you are the only one who can know what ‘right’ is for you. Your ‘right’ is determined by your personal values. Every person has their own, unique values, and those values determine ‘right’ for the individual. Your values determine what is ‘right’ for you.

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Sometimes it’s hard to connect with your right because your values are often conflicted. You have responsibilities, goals and people tugging on you, pulling you in many directions, and it can seem difficult to determine what ‘right’ is. Any time you have a ‘should’ in your thoughts you have evidence that your values are in conflict. Any time you question your choices you have evidence that your values are in conflict.

The path to inner peace is the resolution of conflicts in your values, so that you feel ‘right’ inside and ‘right’ about your choices, even when life is challenging. When you are able to live your life true to your sense of right, true to your values, you have self-value.

What is Self-Worth?

Self-worth takes you a step further. Every choice you make has a price because your choice eliminates other potentials. If you have coffee you have eliminated the option of having tea or water or juice or… Your choice fulfills one potential and also eliminates other potentials in the moment.

Choice is a powerful expression of self

How can you know if you have made a ‘right’ choice? When the price of your choice – all the eliminated potentials – is appropriate, then your choice is right for you.

You have self-worth when the price is right

There are lots of great buzzwords for consciousness: living in the moment, conscious being, being present, and more. In the midst of busy lives it can be challenging to be present and aware of the power of your choice.

When you forget the price of your choice you incur a wound.
When you honor the price of your choice you have self-worth.
When your choice is right you have self-value.

Feeling right inside provides inner peace even in the midst of turmoil. Life that is ‘right’ feels very good. The alternative, well, not so much. When you have that feeling of ‘right’ inside then you will manifest ‘right’ on the outside too.

It’s your choice.

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The journey of self-mastery is an exploration of self, of discovering your unique right, and learning important skills to allow you to live true to you so that you feel more and more of the joy of self-value and self-worth.

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