Author Patricia Wall

Patricia Wall (Trish) Author

Following a serious car accident and serious brain injury, author Patricia (Trish) Wall discovered that she had intuitive gifts that could guide people to make the changes they needed to bring more fulfillment and joy into their lives. For over twenty years, people have achieved amazing results such as evolving their relationships to great, discovering their life purpose, and getting the job they love through the brilliant insights Trish has provided and the practical and effective tools she has developed.

People working with Trish discovered a greater joy and fulfillment by creating gratifying and lasting changes within themselves, their lives and their relationships. As demand grew, Trish began to split her time between offering highly focused individual coaching sessions, extremely effective group sessions, and intensive weekend workshops. Now, Trish has retired from coaching and teaching to bring her gifts to writing.

Trish and her husband live in a waterfront haven in Eastern Ontario, where Trish loves to write, read and enjoy her family. During the winter Trish and her hubby escape in their  RV to warmer climes. Guided by her laser-sharp intuition, Trish will continue to share trailblazing insights through her books, the first being Chakra Evolution.