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Grieving is more complicated than the Grief Cycle indicates. People process their grief in layers from intellectual to spiritual.

Release the Most Frustrating Thing in Your Life

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Why are you so stuck? The person, situation or state that is causing you the most frustration in your life, right now, today, is the thing that is most critical for the maintenance of your limbic comfort zone. Have you noticed the vast difference between how you feel when you’re ‘on your game’ and how you feel when you aren’t? The most frustrating part of realizing you’re not at your best is the realization that you could fix it but you probably won’t. Instead, you’ll get stuck in that limbic comfort zone and trigger negative behaviors that involve junk food and procrastination Read More

What Is Love Worth?

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A child comes into the world radiating pure, unconditional love. Around the child are humans full of fears, wounds and requirements. The child wonders why their love is not making everyone happy. Why would anyone be afraid or unhappy when the love of the child is so perfect? Why can’t they feel the love of the child? Why aren’t they healed, soothed, and comforted by the love? Why isn’t the child’s love enough? Is there something wrong with the love? Or with the child? Is it a symptom of separation that seems to be part of the human experience? Is Read More

Spring Sparkle

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Spring is a time of change as the earth awakens from winter, and the energy of change is often a time of turmoil. Instead of having your life disrupted by change energy, you can use the spring energy to make life better. Let’s add some sparkle to spring! Spring is a time of awakening for the earth. Days are longer, and people start to surface from the winter blahs to wash their cars and clear their clutter. Spring is about shaking off the old and seizing the new – it’s a time for making changes. The subconscious mind doesn’t like Read More

Incontinence and Subconscious Territory Programs

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Incontinence is a symptom of subconscious territory programs that you can release to make your life easier. Check out the free replay to discover how you can make your life easier, or help someone you love to have healthy territory for their subconscious. Click play to listen to this show   More for you…           The Science of No by Andrew G. Wall   From the library… Knowing When to Bite Zebras Don’t Suffer from Anxiety

We’ll Get Together Then

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I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then You know we’ll have a good time then From the lyrics of Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin Seesaw subconscious programs can make your relationships challenging, so that one day your partner is a lover and the next they’re like a roommate. One day your kid is thrilled to see you, and the next they’re busy with their phone. Is it just real life? Are you being a grown-up in the relationship when you realize that work is important, and the kids want to talk to their friends, and there Read More

New Year’s Resolutions with a Positive Twist

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New Year’s resolutions tend to be about finding something wrong. Instead celebrate you! You are a gift to the world! Have the courage to name a gift you bring to the world by being you! I am great at helping people live who they are in joy. What are you great at? Focus your resolutions on what is great, and having more of that!

Is Peace on Earth Possible? By facing a lot of uncomfortable truths, peace is possible

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Enjoying quiet, coffee and view before the guys get up. Looking forward to a day with my family. Contemplating peace on earth and goodwill towards men. This can only happen by mastering fear and developing strategy for dealing with people, by mastering self. When people are experienced as a threat because resources seem limited and competition exists, there can be no peace. As we connect with our own spirit and the power to manifest, to know self, to choose, then we connect with conscious creation and choice. The starting place is knowing self, with all the myriad fears and doubts Read More

Break Old Habits with Self Mastery

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Break the bad habit cycle Learn how to keep your new year’s resolutions Master your life with Self Mastery Your subconscious interferes with your new year’s resolutions because of primitive programs. You can keep your resolutions and feel good about you by changing your subconscious programs. It’s a huge relief when you find out why you aren’t doing the things you decide to do – and why you keep doing the things you decided not to do.  It’s not a lack of discipline or a bad attitude, it’s a subconscious program. You can change your programs to have the life Read More