Depression and Anxiety

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Hard-wired threat reactions in the brain are a root cause for depression and anxiety. Understanding the triggers for these threat reactions, and learning to reprogram these reactions, can make massive positive changes to your state. Click play to listen to this show   More for you… Rebel Quell Intensive Workshop Hard-wired Freeze & Hide reactions are a root cause of depression. Within the context of your various tribes, Freeze & Hide reactions become Rebel reactions symptomized by withdrawal, lack of interest, and ‘you can’t make me.’  This intense workshop helps you recognize and reprogram your subconscious reactions. From the Read More

Christmas & Holiday Season Solutions for drama, finances and self-worth

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Struggling with your gift-giving budget? Worried about interactions at the Christmas party at work? Juggling family commitments, demands and personalities? Wish you could escape? Dreading the January credit card bills and wishing there was a way to cut back? Patricia Wall tackles Christmas holiday challenges on The Holistic Missile Show.

Does it have to hurt when your children are hurt?

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We want to protect our children from everything, especially things that have hurt us. Especially things we should have been protected from. More important than protecting them is equipping them to protect themselves. Did you learn to protect yourself? Did you even have a concept of being safe? Our children will be hurt. It is inevitable. Thus, we must focus on showing them their own strength to identify hurt, to recover from it, and to learn from it how to protect themselves from being hurt again. With that cycle they gain the innate confidence that even when life kicks them Read More

Your Guides and Animal Communication with Michelle Smith

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Michelle Smith is a gifted artist using connection with her spiritual guides to imbue her paintings with life purpose, intent, and healing energies. Michelle also connects with guides and angels for individuals when doing custom paintings. Now Michelle has evolved her gift for connection to communicate with animals, and shares messages and insights for animal lovers. Click play to listen to this show   Michelle Smith says… Michelle Smith Spirit Paintings The Soul is beautiful eternal energy. Your Soul speaks to you in many ways.  It’s messages can come through as a spoken word from a loved one, or Read More

A Healing Journey with Elaine Lindsay

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Be inspired! Elaine Lindsay has overcome incredible challenges, recovering from emotional and physical blows.  Botched surgeries, metal body parts, and way too much time in over-starched hospital sheets have given Elaine a life that sounds like a movie about overcoming adversity. How does she keep her pollyanna attitude? Click play to listen to this show Connect with Elaine Lindsay Elaine Lindsay for Search and Social Media at Tune in to Elaine’s show Business Banter+ TV Make it Matter! # More for you…   Acceptance, Approval and Love Transformation Workshop Forming a strong foundation for healthy self-esteem.       Potential and Fulfillment Read More

Tune up your relationship without breaking it

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You can make changes in your relationship without breaking it. You may want to change what your subliminal messages are telling your partner about how to treat you.   Click play to listen to this show More for you… Relationship Frustration Transformation Workshop What are your subliminal signals requesting? Improve any relationship without saying a word.       Feeling Good About You Transformation Workshop Clearing old programs and pain around loss and abandonment and feeling wrong. Make room for happiness.       Love Without Cost Intensive Workshop Clearing programs about love to allow healthy and happy love in Read More

Happiness is Real: Change your wiring to increase your happiness

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Did you know that your capacity for happiness can decline physically? What if you could rewire your body to experience – and attract – more happiness in your life? During this show Patricia Wall explains how our bodies are programmed to feel certain emotions, and how to change your programming to have more happiness in your life. Enjoy! Click play to listen to this show More for you…   Happiness Capacity Transformation Workshop Train your subconscious to allow you to experience more happiness. Build your happiness muscle without breaking a sweat.       Who is the ideal you? Read More

Do you feel like a great mom?

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Do you have to be supermom to feel good about yourself as a mother? Trish says you can feel great about yourself without being supermom. Being a mother is an awesome responsibility. How can you be the best mom to your kids? How can you feel great about you? Click play to listen to this show More for you… The Ideal You Transformation Workshop Who is the ideal you? Aspirations to be a better person lead to a scramble of attempts to fulfil your vision and your subconscious gleefully producing negative self-talk. What if your aspirations allowed you to feel Read More

Chakra Evolution Workshop

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  Chakra Evolution Workshop   Spiritual Frontiers Canada presents the Chakra Evolution Workshop with Patricia Wall Missed the workshop? Check out the book.   Humanity is evolving. Our world, our DNA and our abilities are evolving. Our chakras are evolving too. In this workshop Patricia Wall will share tools and insights for intentional evolution using evolved chakra energy. Discover how you can use this energy to accelerate your evolution, amplify your intuition and consciously manifest. Feel and use the power of love in ways you never imagined. Gain deeper understanding, key insights and tools for strong self-worth, satisfying relationships and living Read More

Successful Modern Families: Redefining Roles

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Modern Families are Facing a Lot of Challenges Even well-meaning loved ones can be guilty of telling you how to parent, or implying that you’re not doing it ‘right.’ When kids go back and forth between households, as is typical with joint custody, there can be different opinions about discipline, treats, responsibilities and activities.   Click play to listen to this show When couples try to merge families and juggle different households, with different ideas of coping with challenges, and the emotional jungle of changes, it is a wonder anyone manages to make it. Here’s a power tool for Read More