End the Bad Habit Boomerang

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Tired of the bad habit that won’t go away? Discover why your willpower won’t end the behavior and how to get rid of your bad habit for good. Bad habits can be so frustrating, especially when you try to quit and it doesn’t work. When you do quit, a bad habit can behave like a boomerang, determined to return. To truly break free of a bad habit it’s necessary to find the root cause, because when you release the root the habit releases with ease – what a relief!   Click play to listen to this show http://patriciawall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Bad-Habits-Wisdom-Weekly-150305-clean.mp3 What is the Read More

Does your self-image story limit your life?

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Does your self-image story limit your life? Tuesday March 31st, 2015 at 8pm ET Does your self-image story limit your life? Patricia Wall live on Awaken to Happiness Now, with Shefali Burns Free registration! Everyone has a self-image including their characteristics (good and bad), their self-judgments and their ideals. If your self-image ideals are unmeetable requirements for your subconscious, you are limiting your ability to manifest more abundance, joy and love. What is a meetable requirement for your self-image story? See for example: Defining meetable requirements to allow your relationships to succeed If your self-image story includes self-judgment, then you Read More

Women are Territory Wisdom Weekly Online Radio Show

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  When a male is committed to a relationship, his partner is territory… Register now for Wisdom Weekly Free Online Radio Show Thursdays at 9pm ET Ladies: How to be territory and own your fire For a modern female, the idea that a male considers them territory may sound outrageous, but if you want a committed man take a breath and evaluate your goals. Men are wired to claim territory, and when they make you their territory, they’re taking responsibility for their effect in interactions. Isn’t that what you want? The alternative is that you’re a prize, not a person. Does that Read More

Re-writing stories to improve your life

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Is your life a great story? Every relationship in your life has stories attached to it. You have some great stories and some painful stories. Make room for more great stories by releasing the painful stories and the anchors to stories of the past that influence your life today. The stories in your relationship with yourself are rooted in your self-image and what you believe about who you are and who you should be. The stories in your partner relationship are rooted in beliefs about love and intimacy and roles and support and deserving – what would you like to Read More

Happy New Year Gift! Download a Free Transformation Workshop

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Happy New Year Gift! Free Transformation Workshop! Just Download It! Turnips and Polar Splits: Are You Willing To Have Status in Your Tribes? Read about what happened at this Transformation Workshop Do you sometimes lash out at others, even people you love? Do you feel that people you love are hurting you by lashing out at you? Do you know that you’re doing too much to take care of others, but can’t stop? Do you want more abundance? What is your life revealing about your subconscious programs? When you understand how the subconscious affects your behaviors and reactions, it’s both Read More

Ask or ‘Trish Go Fish!’ Transformation Workshop Dec 11/14

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Ask or ‘Trish Go Fish!’ Transformation Workshop Dec 11/14 Events with Patricia Wall It’s a Christmas tradition!   Ask or ‘Trish Go Fish!’ Bring your own questions or let Trish give you insights spontaneously! Give yourself the gift of insights, just for you! The holidays can be difficult. Check these links if you need a bit of support and perspective How to Have Happy Holidays What does Christmas mean to you? Whether your vacation days are for celebrating the season, or convenient statutory holidays that don’t match your religious affiliations, you have associations with the holiday season. You might have positive Read More

Inner Child Playtime! Transformation Workshop Nov 2014

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Inner Child Playtime! Transformation Workshop Christmas morning antics Why is it difficult to take time to play? Why is it hard to feel the joy of playing? What interferes with your ability to play? It’s a common belief that a lack of playtime and playing is a result of the loss of innocence of childhood. Children are considered innocent, and yet a two year old will naturally defend or attack by biting. A cat will play with prey to exhaust the prey animal so that it cannot hurt the cat. A sociopath might play with prey for enjoyment, and that can be Read More

Tired of the Issues that Keep Reappearing?

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Patricia Wall live on Awaken to Happiness Now with Shefali Burns On November 25/14 at 8pm EST I’ll be a guest on Shefali Burn’s teleseminar Awaken to Happiness Now. This is Shefali’s 5th season hosting transformational speakers about personal change and happiness. I’m excited to be part of this event. There will be many inspirational messages and interesting tips. I figured I’d tackle the tough stuff. What happens when you’re committed to personal growth and you’re doing the work, but there are issues that seem to come back and haunt you? Is it possible to be free of those deep issues?  Tired Read More

Giving your clients feel-good success

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Giving your clients feel-good success Women’s Business Connections* Breakfast with Patricia Wall October 21, 2014 at 7:30AM at Dantessa Restaurant I have found a great mechanic at a Stittsville garage on Carp Road. When I go there I know he’ll tell me the truth and only do the work my car needs. I’m a loyal customer. I had a bad experience at a brake place where they said I needed to replace brakes that were only three months old – you can bet I’ll never get work done there. I’m glad I’ve found a trustworthy mechanic because I don’t feel competent Read More