Protect Your Body, Mind and Spirit with The Columning Tool

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The Columning Tool is an energy tool for protecting your body, mind and spirit. In this episode of The Holistic Missile Show, Trish answers questions from listeners and teaches about the purpose and use of the Columning Tool. People, places, and things have energy. The energy around you affects you. You can use shielding tools to filter energy and protect yourself. Enjoy the flow of energy while keeping your energy safe from the emotions, attitudes and events around you. The Columning Tool is used to protect you from large flows of energy that occur when a lot of people are having Read More

Protect your body, mind and spirit with the Columning Tool

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People, places, and things have energy. Imagine the energy of a sports event or a rock concert: lots of people are excited at the same time. The Columning Tool is used to protect you from large flows of energy when a lot of people are having similar emotional reactions. The energy around you affects you. You can use shielding tools to filter energy and protect yourself. Enjoy the flow of energy while keeping your energy safe from the emotions, attitudes and events around you. Major events, from rock concerts to floods, are situations where many people are feeling similar emotions. Read More

The Winds of Change

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Change is inevitable. Life happens, experiences occur, we learn and we evolve. I remember the very first video game, the seriously lame pong, with a bouncing ball going from one side of the screen to another. Now I play a game on my iPad that is interactive with my sons, my brother and several friends, and part of how we keep in touch. It’s a long way from pong to this online game played by millions around the world. Technology is part of the evolution that makes the world much more accessible. We expect so much more information and awareness Read More

Spring Sparkle

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Spring is a time of change as the earth awakens from winter, and the energy of change is often a time of turmoil. Instead of having your life disrupted by change energy, you can use the spring energy to make life better. Let’s add some sparkle to spring! Spring is a time of awakening for the earth. Days are longer, and people start to surface from the winter blahs to wash their cars and clear their clutter. Spring is about shaking off the old and seizing the new – it’s a time for making changes. The subconscious mind doesn’t like Read More

Your Guides and Animal Communication with Michelle Smith

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Michelle Smith is a gifted artist using connection with her spiritual guides to imbue her paintings with life purpose, intent, and healing energies. Michelle also connects with guides and angels for individuals when doing custom paintings. Now Michelle has evolved her gift for connection to communicate with animals, and shares messages and insights for animal lovers. Click play to listen to this show   Michelle Smith says… Michelle Smith Spirit Paintings The Soul is beautiful eternal energy. Your Soul speaks to you in many ways.  It’s messages can come through as a spoken word from a loved one, or Read More

Happiness is Real: Change your wiring to increase your happiness

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Did you know that your capacity for happiness can decline physically? What if you could rewire your body to experience – and attract – more happiness in your life? During this show Patricia Wall explains how our bodies are programmed to feel certain emotions, and how to change your programming to have more happiness in your life. Enjoy! Click play to listen to this show More for you…   Happiness Capacity Transformation Workshop Train your subconscious to allow you to experience more happiness. Build your happiness muscle without breaking a sweat.       Who is the ideal you? Read More

Chakra Evolution Workshop

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  Chakra Evolution Workshop   Spiritual Frontiers Canada presents the Chakra Evolution Workshop with Patricia Wall Missed the workshop? Check out the book.   Humanity is evolving. Our world, our DNA and our abilities are evolving. Our chakras are evolving too. In this workshop Patricia Wall will share tools and insights for intentional evolution using evolved chakra energy. Discover how you can use this energy to accelerate your evolution, amplify your intuition and consciously manifest. Feel and use the power of love in ways you never imagined. Gain deeper understanding, key insights and tools for strong self-worth, satisfying relationships and living Read More

Breaking Chains

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A person cringes as they spot the name on the call display of their phone.  Before answering the call, they expect a negative experience with the caller. That’s an association linking the caller with negative expectations. In a local mall there’s a shop that sells cinnamon rolls.  Seductive smells of baking and cinnamon permeate the area, increasing sales. Spotting a police car, does your foot lift off the gas and slid it to the brake, even if you’re not speeding?  It’s not a thinking process – your foot moves automatically. Eating behaviours are the king of automatic reactions.  You can Read More

No One Bites Me

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Tigers are not evil. A tiger will bite you if it’s hungry or you are a threat. It isn’t wrong for a tiger to bite you – it’s just being a tiger. That’s why zoos have fences – to make sure the visitors aren’t feeding the tigers – literally. If you encountered a tiger roaming loose, what would you do to protect yourself? Would you be comfortable getting a big stick and swinging it to keep the tiger away from you? Would you hit the tiger to avoid being bitten? What is reasonable behavior to protect yourself from an animal Read More

Knowing When to Bite

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If you could advise a child in the moment of attack by a sexual predator or kidnapper, would you tell them to bite? To scream? To kick and hit? In such a dreadful situation, it would be simple to tell a young child to do whatever it takes to defend themselves. On the other hand, it is the job of the parent to teach a child to be civilized, so a well-meaning parent also teaches a toddler not to bite. Unfortunately, that message is not given as ‘biting is a choice you have, and you must learn how to determine Read More