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Grieving is more complicated than the Grief Cycle indicates. People process their grief in layers from intellectual to spiritual.

Your fridge access at 8 makes abundance issues today!

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What was your access to resources as a child? Were you allowed to go to the fridge for snacks? If you went to the fridge, did you find what you wanted? Your answers reveal hidden programs. What

Using the force for good in your relationships

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Using the Force for Good in your Relationships Have you noticed that you can have an argument without saying a word? There are overt silent arguments, like the rolling of eyes, and there are covert silent arguments that occur when you hold the whole script of an encounter in your head – making assumptions about the other person’s responses  – without saying a word. When you have that silent argument in your head, do you suppose that the other person involved senses something?  Maybe they keep their distance. Maybe they go into a seek reaction, wanting something from you.  Sometimes you’re Read More

Body creaks and pain are the secret whispers of your subconscious

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Body creaks and pain are the secret whispers of your subconscious Tired of pain and body creaks? Whether it’s resisting that potato chip or getting out for a walk, you already know that there are things you could do for your body that don’t happen. It’s not because you’re lazy or stupid – it’s because your subconscious mind has different priorities than your conscious mind. The places you have aches and pains or the nature of an illness reveal the secret messages your subconscious is whispering through your body.  When you’re in pain those whispers may feel like shouts.  I was Read More

Back pain? Joint pain? Hurting? What is your body telling you?

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Back pain? Joint pain? Hurting? What is your body telling you? Transformation Workshop May 8/14 Pain is a message from your subconscious, using your body. Your body will tell you if you are blocked in potential or in fulfillment.  I will tell you why – and how to fix it!  Let your body tell you what is hidden from your conscious mind. [Tweet “Every ache and pain, every illness or accident, reveals a message from your subconscious.”] [Tweet “When you feel conflicted, your body is the battleground.”] Potential and fulfillment are a cycle.  Consider walking:  When you walk you take a Read More

Burdens of the past: Clearing Karma workshop for SFC this Saturday

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Clearing Karma Free your Life from burdens of the past Workshop for SFC this Saturday Karma may refer to genetic, historical or spiritual influences. What if you come from a long line of people who have struggled financially? Does that block your ability to win the lottery? You can change this affect. What if you come from a history of persecution and problems? Do you have to struggle in your life? You can change this. [Tweet ” Do genetics and history limit your life?”] Take a Load off Your Life I believe that free will is our greatest gift. Karma Read More

People’s emotions affect you: Protect your mood

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Peace by Michelle Smith People’s emotions affect you: Protect your mood You already know that vibes in a location, or from people, can affect your mood. Have you realized that vibes from people around you – even the ones you don’t know – can affect you too?  At Easter millions of people sit in churches and think about death.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if they thought about spring and renewal and rebirth?  I’m sure some do.  Many don’t.  There are millions, so the wave of the vibes is large.  Don’t be flotsam!  Protect your mood. Use the Column Tool so you can Read More

How to program your subconscious mind for happiness. Transformation Workshop Apr 10/14

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How to program your subconscious mind for happiness Transformation Workshop Apr 10 2014 How do you program your subconscious mind for happiness? First you have to ask yourself; do you have any happiness muscle? Can you support happiness? Would you like to find your happiness muscle? To build it? You can build a happiness muscle without breaking a sweat! How cool is that? [Tweet “To work with your subconscious mind it helps to understand how to manifest…”] There are four steps to manifesting: 1        Identify what you want 2        Identify what you don’t want 3        Get comfortable: Read More