Release the Most Frustrating Thing in Your Life

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Why are you so stuck? The person, situation or state that is causing you the most frustration in your life, right now, today, is the thing that is most critical for the maintenance of your limbic comfort zone. Have you noticed the vast difference between how you feel when you’re ‘on your game’ and how you feel when you aren’t? The most frustrating part of realizing you’re not at your best is the realization that you could fix it but you probably won’t. Instead, you’ll get stuck in that limbic comfort zone and trigger negative behaviors that involve junk food and procrastination Read More

New Year’s Resolutions with a Positive Twist

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New Year’s resolutions tend to be about finding something wrong. Instead celebrate you! You are a gift to the world! Have the courage to name a gift you bring to the world by being you! I am great at helping people live who they are in joy. What are you great at? Focus your resolutions on what is great, and having more of that!

Is Peace on Earth Possible? By facing a lot of uncomfortable truths, peace is possible

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Enjoying quiet, coffee and view before the guys get up. Looking forward to a day with my family. Contemplating peace on earth and goodwill towards men. This can only happen by mastering fear and developing strategy for dealing with people, by mastering self. When people are experienced as a threat because resources seem limited and competition exists, there can be no peace. As we connect with our own spirit and the power to manifest, to know self, to choose, then we connect with conscious creation and choice. The starting place is knowing self, with all the myriad fears and doubts Read More

Chakra Evolution Workshop

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  Chakra Evolution Workshop   Spiritual Frontiers Canada presents the Chakra Evolution Workshop with Patricia Wall Missed the workshop? Check out the book.   Humanity is evolving. Our world, our DNA and our abilities are evolving. Our chakras are evolving too. In this workshop Patricia Wall will share tools and insights for intentional evolution using evolved chakra energy. Discover how you can use this energy to accelerate your evolution, amplify your intuition and consciously manifest. Feel and use the power of love in ways you never imagined. Gain deeper understanding, key insights and tools for strong self-worth, satisfying relationships and living Read More

Do You Have Enough Money?

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What are your beliefs about money? Find out what money really means to you so that you can attract more abundance. Your actual beliefs about money are reflected in your financial situation. An artist may have subconscious beliefs that associate being an artist with financial struggle. There may be times when you get a little ahead and something unforeseen comes along and it’s gone. Are you ready to have more? Discover how your subconscious beliefs are affecting your bank balance. Click play button to listen to this show More for you…     From the Library… Your Fridge Access Read More

Give Yourself a Glimpse of November 2011 Insights

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Back in the cave you’d get more points for bringing home a buffalo than you would for bringing home a rabbit.  Why not allow the drama to create buffalo-style abundance?  What if the excitement in your life wasn’t about problems – what if it was about good stuff? From Insights November 2011

Smash the Glass

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Is the glass half empty, or half full? In the quest for positive thinking, you try to catch any negative thoughts and turn them around to a positive. You watch warily for the harbingers of doom, and flood your mind with positive affirmations. You make a point of smelling the flowers. This is, after all, how to manifest good stuff. Glass half empty is negative. It doesn’t allow the universe to give you gifts. It is the opposite of gratitude. Glass half full is positive. It is receptive to gifts from the universe. It is the place of gratitude. The Read More