Protect your body, mind and spirit with the Columning Tool

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People, places, and things have energy. Imagine the energy of a sports event or a rock concert: lots of people are excited at the same time. The Columning Tool is used to protect you from large flows of energy when a lot of people are having similar emotional reactions. The energy around you affects you. You can use shielding tools to filter energy and protect yourself. Enjoy the flow of energy while keeping your energy safe from the emotions, attitudes and events around you. Major events, from rock concerts to floods, are situations where many people are feeling similar emotions. Read More

Chakra Evolution Workshop

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  Chakra Evolution Workshop   Spiritual Frontiers Canada presents the Chakra Evolution Workshop with Patricia Wall Missed the workshop? Check out the book.   Humanity is evolving. Our world, our DNA and our abilities are evolving. Our chakras are evolving too. In this workshop Patricia Wall will share tools and insights for intentional evolution using evolved chakra energy. Discover how you can use this energy to accelerate your evolution, amplify your intuition and consciously manifest. Feel and use the power of love in ways you never imagined. Gain deeper understanding, key insights and tools for strong self-worth, satisfying relationships and living Read More

Happy New Year Gift! Download a Free Transformation Workshop

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Happy New Year Gift! Free Transformation Workshop! Just Download It! Turnips and Polar Splits: Are You Willing To Have Status in Your Tribes? Read about what happened at this Transformation Workshop Do you sometimes lash out at others, even people you love? Do you feel that people you love are hurting you by lashing out at you? Do you know that you’re doing too much to take care of others, but can’t stop? Do you want more abundance? What is your life revealing about your subconscious programs? When you understand how the subconscious affects your behaviors and reactions, it’s both Read More

Breaking Chains

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A person cringes as they spot the name on the call display of their phone.  Before answering the call, they expect a negative experience with the caller. That’s an association linking the caller with negative expectations. In a local mall there’s a shop that sells cinnamon rolls.  Seductive smells of baking and cinnamon permeate the area, increasing sales. Spotting a police car, does your foot lift off the gas and slid it to the brake, even if you’re not speeding?  It’s not a thinking process – your foot moves automatically. Eating behaviours are the king of automatic reactions.  You can Read More

How to Have Happy Holidays

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What does Christmas mean to you?  Whether your vacation days are for celebrating the season, or convenient statutory holidays that don’t match your religious affiliations, you have associations with the holiday season. You might have positive or negative associations with family events, parties, working long hours, or days off.  You could have expectations of overspending and looming bills, or anticipate a shower of gifts.   To discover the influence of your subconscious on your ability to feel joy in the holiday season, consider the emotions you experienced at Christmas when you were a young child.  What was Christmas like for you Read More

Smash the Glass

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Is the glass half empty, or half full? In the quest for positive thinking, you try to catch any negative thoughts and turn them around to a positive. You watch warily for the harbingers of doom, and flood your mind with positive affirmations. You make a point of smelling the flowers. This is, after all, how to manifest good stuff. Glass half empty is negative. It doesn’t allow the universe to give you gifts. It is the opposite of gratitude. Glass half full is positive. It is receptive to gifts from the universe. It is the place of gratitude. The Read More