Men And Commitment – Women are Territory

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When a male is committed to a relationship, his partner is territory… Ladies: How to be territory and own your fire For a modern female, the idea that a male considers them territory may sound outrageous, but if you want a committed man take a breath and evaluate your goals. Men are wired to claim territory, and when they make you their territory, they’re taking responsibility for their effect in interactions. Isn’t that what you want? The alternative is that you’re a prize, not a person. Does that explain a few things?         Click play button to Read More

The Weaker Sex

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In primitive times, back in the cave, roles in tribes were clear and simple. The guys took their spears and went out to fetch something to eat, or went out to deal with the snarly creature that might be looking for somebody to eat. The people in the tribe could feel safe, get on with their lives, and take care of the business of survival. The males were protectors and providers. Everyone understood the importance of the male role and valued their contribution. The females in the tribe owned the fire, and they owned access to the fire. They were the Read More