Break Old Habits with Self Mastery

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Break the bad habit cycle Learn how to keep your new year’s resolutions Master your life with Self Mastery Your subconscious interferes with your new year’s resolutions because of primitive programs. You can keep your resolutions and feel good about you by changing your subconscious programs. It’s a huge relief when you find out why you aren’t doing the things you decide to do – and why you keep doing the things you decided not to do.  It’s not a lack of discipline or a bad attitude, it’s a subconscious program. You can change your programs to have the life Read More

A Healing Journey with Elaine Lindsay

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Be inspired! Elaine Lindsay has overcome incredible challenges, recovering from emotional and physical blows.  Botched surgeries, metal body parts, and way too much time in over-starched hospital sheets have given Elaine a life that sounds like a movie about overcoming adversity. How does she keep her pollyanna attitude? Click play to listen to this show Connect with Elaine Lindsay Elaine Lindsay for Search and Social Media at Tune in to Elaine’s show Business Banter+ TV Make it Matter! # More for you…   Acceptance, Approval and Love Transformation Workshop Forming a strong foundation for healthy self-esteem.       Potential and Fulfillment Read More

Happiness is Real: Change your wiring to increase your happiness

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Did you know that your capacity for happiness can decline physically? What if you could rewire your body to experience – and attract – more happiness in your life? During this show Patricia Wall explains how our bodies are programmed to feel certain emotions, and how to change your programming to have more happiness in your life. Enjoy! Click play to listen to this show More for you…   Happiness Capacity Transformation Workshop Train your subconscious to allow you to experience more happiness. Build your happiness muscle without breaking a sweat.       Who is the ideal you? Read More