Trust: How to truly keep yourself safe in relationships

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When someone betrays your trust, after you deal with the pain of betrayal and the hurt and the fall-out in your relationship, then you are left to deal with the worst pain of all: your anger at yourself for giving someone your trust when they didn’t deserve it. Trish has a very different definition of trust. In this show Trish talks about trust and how to build your capacity to see the truth in people so that you are safe in your relationships. People will be who they are – are you willing to know who they are? Unconditional love accepts Read More

A Clear Path to Understanding and Building Your Self-Worth

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‘Everyone’ knows that the magic key to all the good things in life – happiness, true love and prosperity – is – also magically – achieved when you have all those important ‘self’ characteristics, like self-esteem, self-value and self-worth. And lots of those ‘everyone’s will tell you what is right for you so that you can find the rainbow, or the end of the rainbow, or at least be able to see the rainbow. There are a million or so voices promoting the right foods, the right thinking, the right sleeping patterns, the right exercise – you name it, someone Read More

Finding the Perfect Partner – Is there a Mr/Ms Right for you?

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When people say they want to find their perfect partner, often their energy says ‘No Fishing.’ Are you willing to change what your subliminal signals are saying so that you can have the love you want? Maybe you’re tired of the search – is there really a perfect partner for you? After all, you’re not perfect! No one is. It’s easy to get tired of looking, tired of trying relationships that fail and become yet another source of pain, and tired of being alone. The problem is that when you’re tired of being alone, you are stuck with trying again Read More

We’ll Get Together Then

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I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then You know we’ll have a good time then From the lyrics of Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin Seesaw subconscious programs can make your relationships challenging, so that one day your partner is a lover and the next they’re like a roommate. One day your kid is thrilled to see you, and the next they’re busy with their phone. Is it just real life? Are you being a grown-up in the relationship when you realize that work is important, and the kids want to talk to their friends, and there Read More

Christmas & Holiday Season Solutions for drama, finances and self-worth

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Struggling with your gift-giving budget? Worried about interactions at the Christmas party at work? Juggling family commitments, demands and personalities? Wish you could escape? Dreading the January credit card bills and wishing there was a way to cut back? Patricia Wall tackles Christmas holiday challenges on The Holistic Missile Show.

Tune up your relationship without breaking it

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You can make changes in your relationship without breaking it. You may want to change what your subliminal messages are telling your partner about how to treat you.   Click play to listen to this show More for you… Relationship Frustration Transformation Workshop What are your subliminal signals requesting? Improve any relationship without saying a word.       Feeling Good About You Transformation Workshop Clearing old programs and pain around loss and abandonment and feeling wrong. Make room for happiness.       Love Without Cost Intensive Workshop Clearing programs about love to allow healthy and happy love in Read More

Do you feel like a great mom?

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Do you have to be supermom to feel good about yourself as a mother? Trish says you can feel great about yourself without being supermom. Being a mother is an awesome responsibility. How can you be the best mom to your kids? How can you feel great about you? Click play to listen to this show More for you… The Ideal You Transformation Workshop Who is the ideal you? Aspirations to be a better person lead to a scramble of attempts to fulfil your vision and your subconscious gleefully producing negative self-talk. What if your aspirations allowed you to feel Read More

Successful Modern Families: Redefining Roles

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Modern Families are Facing a Lot of Challenges Even well-meaning loved ones can be guilty of telling you how to parent, or implying that you’re not doing it ‘right.’ When kids go back and forth between households, as is typical with joint custody, there can be different opinions about discipline, treats, responsibilities and activities.   Click play to listen to this show When couples try to merge families and juggle different households, with different ideas of coping with challenges, and the emotional jungle of changes, it is a wonder anyone manages to make it. Here’s a power tool for Read More

Men And Commitment – Women are Territory

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When a male is committed to a relationship, his partner is territory… Ladies: How to be territory and own your fire For a modern female, the idea that a male considers them territory may sound outrageous, but if you want a committed man take a breath and evaluate your goals. Men are wired to claim territory, and when they make you their territory, they’re taking responsibility for their effect in interactions. Isn’t that what you want? The alternative is that you’re a prize, not a person. Does that explain a few things?         Click play button to Read More