Protect Your Body, Mind and Spirit with The Columning Tool

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The Columning Tool is an energy tool for protecting your body, mind and spirit. In this episode of The Holistic Missile Show, Trish answers questions from listeners and teaches about the purpose and use of the Columning Tool. People, places, and things have energy. The energy around you affects you. You can use shielding tools to filter energy and protect yourself. Enjoy the flow of energy while keeping your energy safe from the emotions, attitudes and events around you. The Columning Tool is used to protect you from large flows of energy that occur when a lot of people are having Read More

3 Tips for Choosing Between Alternative and Western Medicine Treatments

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Maybe it’s because I’m a newf – I have a wide practical streak.  If I have a headache, I might take a pain pill. Sure, I might also use energy work or essential oils to get rid of it, but some days I just take a pill.  Every person has to make their own decisions about these things. Personally, I like the term ‘complementary’ rather than ‘alternative’ for energy work, because I like to have all the choices. All the choices, so that I am free to do what is best for me in the moment. How can anyone make Read More

Top 3 Internal Conflicts to Release Weight with Ease

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Okay, the holidays are past, so there are no more excuses. Maybe you’re thinking about a trip south and dreading putting on the bathing suit when you know those Christmas cookies are puffing up your patootie. The ads for gyms and slimming programs are screaming at you to get your butt together – well, to get a hold of your butt – well, to do something about your butt. Maybe you’ve been down this road before, enduring the diets and pouring sweat in the latest fad masquerading aerobics as entertainment. I like dance or swim aerobics of any form, because Read More

Protect your body, mind and spirit with the Columning Tool

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People, places, and things have energy. Imagine the energy of a sports event or a rock concert: lots of people are excited at the same time. The Columning Tool is used to protect you from large flows of energy when a lot of people are having similar emotional reactions. The energy around you affects you. You can use shielding tools to filter energy and protect yourself. Enjoy the flow of energy while keeping your energy safe from the emotions, attitudes and events around you. Major events, from rock concerts to floods, are situations where many people are feeling similar emotions. Read More

A Clear Path to Understanding and Building Your Self-Worth

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‘Everyone’ knows that the magic key to all the good things in life – happiness, true love and prosperity – is – also magically – achieved when you have all those important ‘self’ characteristics, like self-esteem, self-value and self-worth. And lots of those ‘everyone’s will tell you what is right for you so that you can find the rainbow, or the end of the rainbow, or at least be able to see the rainbow. There are a million or so voices promoting the right foods, the right thinking, the right sleeping patterns, the right exercise – you name it, someone Read More

The Winds of Change

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Change is inevitable. Life happens, experiences occur, we learn and we evolve. I remember the very first video game, the seriously lame pong, with a bouncing ball going from one side of the screen to another. Now I play a game on my iPad that is interactive with my sons, my brother and several friends, and part of how we keep in touch. It’s a long way from pong to this online game played by millions around the world. Technology is part of the evolution that makes the world much more accessible. We expect so much more information and awareness Read More

Solutions that Work to End Cravings and Compulsive Eating

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I remember when chocolate was my crack. If it was in the house, I ate it. I ate chocolate seething with anger and frustration because I didn’t want to be a crack addict, even for chocolate. I was disciplined in other areas of my life, so why were some foods be compulsive? The siren call of compulsive foods overcame all of my willpower. When I discovered that cravings were not about willpower, relief flooded me. Solutions that worked freed me from cravings and the miserable self-disgust of compulsive eating. In this show I explain the root cause of compulsions and cravings, Read More

Release the Most Frustrating Thing in Your Life

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Why are you so stuck? The person, situation or state that is causing you the most frustration in your life, right now, today, is the thing that is most critical for the maintenance of your limbic comfort zone. Have you noticed the vast difference between how you feel when you’re ‘on your game’ and how you feel when you aren’t? The most frustrating part of realizing you’re not at your best is the realization that you could fix it but you probably won’t. Instead, you’ll get stuck in that limbic comfort zone and trigger negative behaviors that involve junk food and procrastination Read More

What Is Love Worth?

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A child comes into the world radiating pure, unconditional love. Around the child are humans full of fears, wounds and requirements. The child wonders why their love is not making everyone happy. Why would anyone be afraid or unhappy when the love of the child is so perfect? Why can’t they feel the love of the child? Why aren’t they healed, soothed, and comforted by the love? Why isn’t the child’s love enough? Is there something wrong with the love? Or with the child? Is it a symptom of separation that seems to be part of the human experience? Is Read More