Solutions that Work to End Cravings and Compulsive Eating

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I remember when chocolate was my crack. If it was in the house, I ate it. I ate chocolate seething with anger and frustration because I didn’t want to be a crack addict, even for chocolate. I was disciplined in other areas of my life, so why were some foods be compulsive? The siren call of compulsive foods overcame all of my willpower. When I discovered that cravings were not about willpower, relief flooded me. Solutions that worked freed me from cravings and the miserable self-disgust of compulsive eating. In this show I explain the root cause of compulsions and cravings, Read More

Spring Sparkle

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Spring is a time of change as the earth awakens from winter, and the energy of change is often a time of turmoil. Instead of having your life disrupted by change energy, you can use the spring energy to make life better. Let’s add some sparkle to spring! Spring is a time of awakening for the earth. Days are longer, and people start to surface from the winter blahs to wash their cars and clear their clutter. Spring is about shaking off the old and seizing the new – it’s a time for making changes. The subconscious mind doesn’t like Read More

We’ll Get Together Then

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I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then You know we’ll have a good time then From the lyrics of Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin Seesaw subconscious programs can make your relationships challenging, so that one day your partner is a lover and the next they’re like a roommate. One day your kid is thrilled to see you, and the next they’re busy with their phone. Is it just real life? Are you being a grown-up in the relationship when you realize that work is important, and the kids want to talk to their friends, and there Read More

Break Old Habits with Self Mastery

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Break the bad habit cycle Learn how to keep your new year’s resolutions Master your life with Self Mastery Your subconscious interferes with your new year’s resolutions because of primitive programs. You can keep your resolutions and feel good about you by changing your subconscious programs. It’s a huge relief when you find out why you aren’t doing the things you decide to do – and why you keep doing the things you decided not to do.  It’s not a lack of discipline or a bad attitude, it’s a subconscious program. You can change your programs to have the life Read More

Christmas & Holiday Season Solutions for drama, finances and self-worth

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Struggling with your gift-giving budget? Worried about interactions at the Christmas party at work? Juggling family commitments, demands and personalities? Wish you could escape? Dreading the January credit card bills and wishing there was a way to cut back? Patricia Wall tackles Christmas holiday challenges on The Holistic Missile Show.

What gives you Zest for Life? on BB+TV ♥ Business Banter Plus TV

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What is your Passion, your Zest for Life? Go to Video I appeared for the first time on Elaine’s show, Business Banter Plus TV, in July. She was not happy with the result. I answered all her questions, even some I don’t like to answer in public, so what was the problem? Elaine said “You told me what you do. That’s not what I do on this show. I want to know what you are passionate about.” Since we’ve been friends for years, Elaine has a good idea what I’m passionate about, so why didn’t it come out on air? We’re back on October 30th Read More

Is the toilet roll always empty? Catch Trish on Daytime Ottawa for tips to get help around the house without nagging

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Catch Trish on Daytime Ottawa   Rogers Cable 22 Live at 11am EST on Monday, Nov 4 Airs again at 2pm, 4:30pm and 11pm the same day Does it feel like everything is on your shoulders? Does it seem as if no one else even notices what needs to be done unless you tell them – and then you feel like a nag? If you get help around the house because you nagged, you’ll still feel unsupported and frustrated.  It may seem easier to do it yourself, but you’ll still be unhappy. Why doesn’t anyone see the mess and help Read More

The kids are back to school and the rush is on! Catch Trish on Daytime Ottawa for tips to deal with fall busy-ness

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Catch Trish on Daytime Ottawa   Rogers Cable 22 Live at 11am EST on Tuesday, Oct 1 Airs again at 2pm, 4:30pm and 11pm the same day Back to school means back to the frantic scramble of grabbing food before hockey practice or piano lessons. What about homework? Who has time to care if the bed is made? Hopefully the laundry makes it into the dryer before it smells funky and has to be washed again. Feeling pulled in a dozen different directions about how you ‘should’ spend your time causes stress. How can you know the ‘right’ way to Read More