Release the Most Frustrating Thing in Your Life

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Why are you so stuck? The person, situation or state that is causing you the most frustration in your life, right now, today, is the thing that is most critical for the maintenance of your limbic comfort zone. Have you noticed the vast difference between how you feel when you’re ‘on your game’ and how you feel when you aren’t? The most frustrating part of realizing you’re not at your best is the realization that you could fix it but you probably won’t. Instead, you’ll get stuck in that limbic comfort zone and trigger negative behaviors that involve junk food and procrastination Read More

Happy New Year Gift! Download a Free Transformation Workshop

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Happy New Year Gift! Free Transformation Workshop! Just Download It! Turnips and Polar Splits: Are You Willing To Have Status in Your Tribes? Read about what happened at this Transformation Workshop Do you sometimes lash out at others, even people you love? Do you feel that people you love are hurting you by lashing out at you? Do you know that you’re doing too much to take care of others, but can’t stop? Do you want more abundance? What is your life revealing about your subconscious programs? When you understand how the subconscious affects your behaviors and reactions, it’s both Read More

Using the force for good in your relationships

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Using the Force for Good in your Relationships Have you noticed that you can have an argument without saying a word? There are overt silent arguments, like the rolling of eyes, and there are covert silent arguments that occur when you hold the whole script of an encounter in your head – making assumptions about the other person’s responses  – without saying a word. When you have that silent argument in your head, do you suppose that the other person involved senses something?  Maybe they keep their distance. Maybe they go into a seek reaction, wanting something from you.  Sometimes you’re Read More

How to program your subconscious mind for happiness. Transformation Workshop Apr 10/14

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How to program your subconscious mind for happiness Transformation Workshop Apr 10 2014 How do you program your subconscious mind for happiness? First you have to ask yourself; do you have any happiness muscle? Can you support happiness? Would you like to find your happiness muscle? To build it? You can build a happiness muscle without breaking a sweat! How cool is that? [Tweet “To work with your subconscious mind it helps to understand how to manifest…”] There are four steps to manifesting: 1        Identify what you want 2        Identify what you don’t want 3        Get comfortable: Read More

Spiritual Power Tools for Kids and Parents Workshop Oct 5/13

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I’d like to help you help your children cope with the world.  What do you do if the monster in the closet is real? How do you protect yourself from the maelstrom of energy in schools and earth changes and life? Our children are creating their world right now. My goal is to unveil the personal power of children to create a world of opportunity and choices. They’re going to make their world; let’s help them make it awesome. This workshop is to teach kids important skills for dealing with their intuition, their gifts, and how to interact with the Read More

Secrets Your Body Reveals

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SFC Speak in March SFC Workshop in March Every ache and pain, every illness or accident, reveals a message from your body about a conflict in your personal values.  When you are conflicted, your body is the battleground. Internal conflicts occur when you are torn about what is right or wrong, or torn about priorities.  Should you work late, or make it home to put your kids to bed?  Should you call your mother when she’s sure to criticize and you’ve got a presentation that needs confidence?  Should you buy tires, or try to make the ones on your car Read More

Upcoming One-Day Intensive Workshop: New Strategy Tricks and Tools

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We’re going to explore new techniques for strategic interaction.  We’ll use some new tricks for opening your ability to be strategic, which will give you a whole new way to gain insights and identify strategies.  We’ll look at practical methods of strategy in a variety of situations.  Being strategic is useful – and it can be fun. Sometimes allowing yourself to be strategic is about recognizing old coping mechanism programs that interfere, and releasing them.  To be safe releasing old coping mechanisms, first you need a replacement way of protecting yourself.  Any coping mechanism that resists clearing requires new strategy Read More

The Weaker Sex

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In primitive times, back in the cave, roles in tribes were clear and simple. The guys took their spears and went out to fetch something to eat, or went out to deal with the snarly creature that might be looking for somebody to eat. The people in the tribe could feel safe, get on with their lives, and take care of the business of survival. The males were protectors and providers. Everyone understood the importance of the male role and valued their contribution. The females in the tribe owned the fire, and they owned access to the fire. They were the Read More

It’s Not About the Plumbing

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It’s not about the plumbing.  An LGBT relationship can’t fall back on traditional roles and expectations – which can be a great freedom and a big challenge.  Who takes out the garbage?  Who cooks?  Does anyone wear pants?  It can be hard to define what works for you, and even harder to know what feels right.  When is it what you really need, and when is it expectations that don’t actually apply to you?  You can define what matters without conflict.  You can get what you really want and need.  Be happy on your own terms.