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I remember when chocolate was my crack. If it was in the house, I ate it. I ate chocolate seething with anger and frustration because I didn’t want to be a crack addict, even for chocolate. I was disciplined in other areas of my life, so why were some foods be compulsive? The siren call of compulsive foods overcame all of my willpower.

When I discovered that cravings were not about willpower, relief flooded me. Solutions that worked freed me from cravings and the miserable self-disgust of compulsive eating.

Bruce Bonner Nutrionist

In this show I explain the root cause of compulsions and cravings, and how to end those programs. Bruce Bonner, genius nutritionist from the Living Science Wellness Centre, will tell us how to give your body what it really needs to solve the physical roots of cravings.

Are you ready to be free of cravings?

I used to joke that I had plenty of willpower, and what I actually lacked was won’t-power, as in I won’t eat that. Now I choose what I eat. On my birthday at the end of March, my hubby came home with chocolate cheesecake. I decided to save my birthday cake for when I felt like eating some, so that I’d really enjoy it. You can change your relationship with food. Really.

What do you really need?

Eating is a symptom of why you get fat. When your body has needs or reactions, you will eat to fulfill subconscious demands. If I forget to take my omega fatty acids I crave toast with butter. If I take the omega fatty acids, I don’t want the toast. Without the pill the toast smells delicious. With the pill the toast is irrelevant, because it doesn’t call me at all, because I have released the programs that would crave fats regardless of my nutritional needs. If you crave fatty foods when you take omega fatty acids, you are fulfilling a subconscious craving for comfort.

Your body has nutritional needs that will trigger cravings and compulsive eating. Your subconscious has programs that will trigger cravings and compulsive eating.