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When people say they want to find their perfect partner, often their energy says ‘No Fishing.’ Are you willing to change what your subliminal signals are saying so that you can have the love you want? Maybe you’re tired of the search – is there really a perfect partner for you? After all, you’re not perfect! No one is.

It’s easy to get tired of looking, tired of trying relationships that fail and become yet another source of pain, and tired of being alone. The problem is that when you’re tired of being alone, you are stuck with trying again – and that sounds like a bad idea. This is an automatic internal conflict because inside you’re torn between the desire to have someone special and the desire to avoid the pain when it all goes wrong – again. And when you do try, you’re carrying that fear and dread with you  – guess what that does to your subliminal signals?

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Your relationships can be challenging because they fulfill subconscious patterns that affect your subliminal signals. Fortunately you can change your patterns and change those signals to attract what you actually want in a relationship. Get the love you want, starting on the inside!

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