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Change is inevitable. Life happens, experiences occur, we learn and we evolve. I remember the very first video game, the seriously lame pong, with a bouncing ball going from one side of the screen to another. Now I play a game on my iPad that is interactive with my sons, my brother and several friends, and part of how we keep in touch. It’s a long way from pong to this online game played by millions around the world. Technology is part of the evolution that makes the world much more accessible. We expect so much more information and awareness now. The only gap between a question and a flood of information is typing the query in the google search box.  Why wonder when you can google it?

The instant response of google trains people to expect instant answers. Is it any wonder people find contemplation difficult? I joke that I meditate for a living, and spend a lot of time communing with my navel. (I really am joking, I don’t get why it’s called navel-gazing. I suppose I could google that.) I contemplate the information that comes from my intuition and my self, which tends to be in a different format than the Google search results.

Unravelling what I feel, what I want, what my insights are telling me, and making choices that feel right to me are challenging and require time and space. It’s much easier to cruise facebook, flip channels, read a book, scan email, check the fridge…  anything to escape the deep connection with self that is required to really know what “right” is for me.  After all, when you know what “right” is for you, it comes with requirements. Knowing comes with awareness that you’re either going to make the changes to fulfill your “right” or you’re going to be prodded by life, and that means turmoil.

“I am going to change, life doesn’t give me a choice about that. The only question is whether I change gracefully, with dignity and compassion, or whether I refuse and must be broken and splintered, left in pieces to be put back together… Do I break free of the person I was? Or am I broken open?”  Andrew G. Wall, Vulnerable in Love

Can change happen without turmoil?

Pain is a message from your subconscious that change is required. More resistance to change brings more pain, until you get past the resistance and allow yourself to evolve. Pain comes in many forms, and we are extremely good at manifesting exactly the situation and feelings we need to push ourselves to do what is, inevitably, right for us.

Why do we need compassion to change without turmoil? Because it is by knowing and accepting and loving who we are that we are able to embrace change instead of resisting. Having compassion for our own evolution allows us to let go of what was, and who we were, to gracefully shift into what we have become. To be.

Here’s a personal example: for twenty years I have worked with individuals and groups to guide people through their personal transformations. I teach people how to make changes through choice, with awareness, so it’s the easy way instead of the hard way. I love my work because it brings joy to people’s lives, and I get to see my effect in their success.

Now it’s time for change. I no longer introduce myself as a “coach” who does private sessions, workshops and speaks. I am a writer, an author. It’s a big change, and I took plenty of time to allow this evolution so that I am joyful and peaceful with this big change – without turmoil. It is right. I am grateful for the years that have given me so much to bring to my writing. I am grateful for the muscles I have built as an intuitive that allow me to bring clarity and effective tools to the world. I am at peace and congruent, so the transition occurs with ease.

When you give yourself space and time to feel what you feel, you can know if there is a change looming in your life. People fear change will bring regret, or pain, when the truth is that change is the solution for pain and change can bring peace. How do you know what to change? Or even what you feel? Well, I wrote a book about that, to guide you through personal transformation without turmoil. You can do it.



Chakra Evolution the ebook is available on amazon. It will be released on chakra-evolution-by-patricia-wall-cover-imageAmazon and other locations in the fall. The print book will also be available in the fall.